Custom Order Form (Pre-Order)

Want to order a custom case I don’t have in-stock? Just use the form below!

This is where you can pre-order cases I don’t have available, including coloured cases, bumper edge cases, or even other items such as decoden mirrors or trinket boxes!

Typically, I should be able to order your case unless it is a rare model.

Please make sure your contact email is correct so that I can confirm your order. Once I confirm that your case is available to order, I will direct you to a listing to make your payment, as well as select your desired whipped cream and cabochons. You should receive a response back from me within 3 days.

Please keep in mind that ordering extra items will increase the processing time as cases often take up to 3-6 weeks (sometimes more) to reach me, so be prepared to wait if you send in a request!

** If I send you an e-mail and do not receive a response back, I will not be ordering your case. ** 

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