Custom Case Instructions


Note: it is best to complete orders on desktop, not mobile!

Step 1: choose whether you would like a full-whipped custom case, a half-whipped custom case, a resin case, or a made-to-order theme.

♥ Full-whipped custom case: you get to choose exactly what you want on your whipped cream case, and I’ll put it together for you!


♥ Half-whipped custom case: a more affordable a less chunky alternative to full-whip cases! Only half of the case will be covered in whip cream, and you still get to choose exactly what pieces you would like! Upgrades (eg. side drips, silicone bumper cases) are also available at an additional cost. There is also the option to add stickers to the other half of the case, making it a half-resin case!


♥ Made-to-order themes: a simpler way to order a custom case! These are set themes, but you still get to choose which pieces you like (for example, if you only like the Playstation controller on the gamer themed case, and not a Wii or Xbox controller). With this option, step 2 is optional. You do not need to select your own pieces, but you can if you want to include another piece that is not part of the theme. Colours of the pieces are customizable; coloured whip and upgrades, such as melty side drips, rhinestone edges, or silicone bumper cases, are also available for made-to-order cases at an additional cost.


♥ Resin cases: for resin cases, I have two options available: a rhinestone border case or a whipped border case. With these cases, you can choose what stickers you like for the center of the case. Ringholders are also available as an additional upgrade. If desired, you may also choose up to 5 cabochons to have around the border of the case.

Each case listing has a form to fill out with all your desired pieces, whip colour, upgrades, and other options depending on which listing you have chosen. 

*Please keep in mind that melty side drips and rhinestone edges cannot be combined with silicone bumper cases.

Once you are complete, add the item to your cart! (DO NOT make your payment yet)

Step 2 (optional): if you want to pick specific cabochons, you can select your desired cabochons by adding them to your cart along with the type of case you have chosen in step 1 (do NOT place separate orders). Most pieces are free to include, but some may have an additional price (eg. Sailor Moon figures, Fairy Tail figures, Tsum Tsums, etc.)

Note: If you are purchasing more than 1 case, please be sure to complete the steps in order for each case SEPARATELY. (Add 1st desired case and cabochons to cart first, THEN add the 2nd case and cabochons – DO NOT select cabochons for all orders all at once). This keeps your cart organized so that I know which desired cabochons in step 2 are for which case! You do not need to place separate orders, otherwise you will be charged extra shipping costs!

Step 3 (optional): add other upgrades to your cart if desired (eg. silicone bumper case, ringholder, custom resin heart, giant Rilakkuma head, matching phone charm, and more).

♡ Step 4: review your order and make sure everything is correct, then check-out! This is also where you can select a shipping upgrade. Double-check your address to make sure it is correct! 

♡ Step 5:  after you have placed your order, you may check for status updates in your orders list by pressing on “My Account” at the top right corner of the page. Once I begin your order, updates will be sent via email (please check your junk mail folder if not found in your inbox) as well as updated on the orders page. This is where you can see if your cabochons are in production, if layouts have been sent/confirmed, and if your case has been completed. This takes approximately 2-6 weeks depending on the demands of your order, if you have chosen the “rush order” option, the amount of orders I have, and my current life situation/nursing job.


♡ Step 6: once you have received your layout choices, you may pick the one you like best or make any desired changes. I will often send layouts with premade pieces first, then remake the pieces in your chosen colors once you have chosen your layout. This helps me save time and materials so I don’t make any extra pieces that don’t end up getting used 🙂

**If I do not receive a response back within a week after sending out the layouts, I will choose the layout for you!

♡ Step 7: once your layout is confirmed, your case will be made typically within 1-2 weeks and shipped out in 4-5 days after completion to ensure it has fully dried and aired out.


♡ Current processing time is 3-6 weeks. I am only one person trying to complete multiple orders on top of my part-time nursing job! This means I work 12-hour shifts, so as much as I would like to, I cannot dedicate all of my time to my shop. Making new pieces also requires a lot of time, so please be patient while I try my best to complete cases in order ♡

♡ Rush Orders [NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME]: if you are in a rush to get your case, a “Rush Order” option is available at the bottom of the form. For an additional $8.00 USD, you get to bump ahead of the line and have your case done within a week! (If this is not possible at the time of your order, you will be informed and your payment fully refunded if desired.)

Don’t see your case?

Don’t worry! Just send me a custom request to pre-order your case by using this form and I’ll see what I can do!