Safety First!

As delicious as they may look, the products are not edible. Products are not suitable for young children as many items contain small parts which are a potential choking hazard for children/pets.


Whipped Cream made with 100% quality silicone II. Why?

  • Unlike acrylic or latex, 100% silicone is permanently waterproof, flexible, shrink-proof, and crack-proof!
  • Unlike acrylic or latex which turn grey overtime, 100% silicone maintains its white color
  • Silicone II is a “neutral cure” silicone (no acids are released during the curing process as there is in silicone I), which allows it to better adhere to plastics and metals
  • Silicone II has a much less offensive odor than silicone I!

Caring For Your Decoden Item

    1. Please avoid placing the item(s) into tight places such as pockets or cluttered handbags to minimize the risk for damage.
    2. If your product is accidentally damaged, don’t worry! The parts can be easily stuck back on using super glue (such as Krazy Glue).
    3. After a while, you may notice that your case has collected some dust/dirt. This can be easily cleaned by using a dampened cloth or Q-tip to gently wipe it away, or even just by using tape to stick up the dirt!
    4. Last but not least, be gentle with your decoden item! Please do not pick at the cabochons. I have made every effort to secure them well, but I cannot guarantee that they will not fall off over time if they are constantly picked at!